Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Maple jumbo

After stopping by a retailer of acoustic guitars, I started a search
For a maple body jumbo shaped acoustic guitar.
I craved the solid thunk of the
Bass notes and the jangle of three 
Beers worth of quarters in a jacket
Pocket on a windy day.
Online trolling for examples for sale,
Visits to all shops in our vast commerce
Ghetto and finding some truly beautiful
A Taylor 615 had a bass note so deep
It was scary. So was the price so I  would
Visit a new Gibson j-100 1941. Made four trips to play it. That guitar had such a rich voice, it hated to play more the one 
Note at a time. Stll it was way more than two grand and that was not in the cards 
I was holding. Found a Guild that could sing. Panhandle Guitars had a guild with cracks and crazes that was alive with 
Vibration. Played a Takamine copy 
That was nearly unglued but sounded great. Found my jumbo when "L" put his Epiphone js200 on Craig's list.
The notes just hang in the air like sheets of fresh pasta drying on a rack
Waiting for you to make something
Incredible out of them.
Todd Nelson