Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coming Soon! Live @ Soap

There is a great little art space in San francisco called the Soap Gallery. http://riversoap.com/soap-gallery/index.htm
Run by Eve and Lisa Mendelson they present the works of local artists
Eschew has performed for several of their monthly art openings and I must say that they are fun. People come for the art and conversation so the room gets to be quite loud. My music is geared to add to the excitement.
I try to absorb the vibe and theme of the art as the night proceeds. Part of my gear I bring to the gallery is my trusty Burnit CD recorder. Many hours of live recordings have come from this and I am sitting up late nights listening and culling tracks for a Live @ Soap project.
Look for this soon on this site. The beauty of working in this way is that no one is impatient with the length of the tune. Long morphs are possible. My sets are often three hours long. Lets just say repetition is inevitable. Lucky for me, as a human being, circular experience is desired in our musical mind. Swirls and twirls in our brains are the result of the mental musical eggbeater that is Eschew.

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