Saturday, September 1, 2012

Songs for the 99% Music for the rest of us.

Songs for the 99% is a new group of music written and performed by Todd Nelson.
These songs are responses to and tales of, people who live with the diminishing 
social fabric of city life. Links to video provided below are previews of a performance coming
up on the 13th of September at the Lost Church, Capp street in San Francisco,CA. at 8PM.
I will be starting the show for the vocall trio P M S which promises to be treat as well.

Always Open Car wash is an example of a song about a day when I went to the self service
car wash and was asked to wash a stranger in a wheel chair.  I play this as a blues on my
Airline Glassie Folkstar.

Always open car wash in bay #3
When a man in an arm powered chair  comes up to me
Says would you deny a shower to a veteran of the war
turn that water on me, what are you staring at me for
So I hose him down and he soaps on up with a bottle of shampoo
and rinse him off with the high pressure wand, what else could I do?
but wish that I had half of his strenght or a third of his pride
and fell that theres an unpaid debt to the man in the armpowered ride
He came to me in the cold and wet coping with life on the street
nothing in your hand left to bet but to ask the next person you meet
for a meal or a shower in a car wash stall
or the respect we give each other, that due to one and all.

Give a listen and thanks

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